The San Ramon Valley Republican Women Federated

Crow Canyon Country Club
711 Silver Lake Drive
Danville, California
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Social 5:00 pm; Buffet dinner and speaker at 6:00 pm
$40 per person

Please RSVP* by Thursday, October 19 to or call 925-820-0774

*Crow Canyon has informed us that reservations made after the deadline will not be guaranteed a place.

On December 17 our Club, along with members of the community and local officials, again participated in the annual WAA Wreath laying day at Alamo Cemetery. We will be doing it again this year-the date is December 16 at noon at the Alamo Cemetery. Please join us-all are welcome to come and help lay the over 200 wreaths we need to lay!!
Stephen and Thomas Mundy played the bagpipes for the ceremony.
Roxanne Lindsay, WAA Chair with Karen Stepper and Danville Mayor Renee Morgan.
Proudly present
June Gilliam was born and raised in Shanghai, China. She graduated from one of the top universities in China and was a member of the Communist Party. In 1988 she came to the US hoping to advance her career. Ms. Gilliam has worked for Cisco Corporation for over 17 years in business operations management. She is a member of the Santa Cruz RWF and an avid world traveler, sailor and hiker.
When she came to the US she realized communism was not the answer and started her speaking career in 2008 offering honest insights of the situation in China and to raise awareness of China’s Human Rights issues. She speaks of how socio-communism has been tried for over 100 years by millions of people with always the same results: death, destruction and despair. Socio-communism has silently and effectively eroded the foundation of American values through systematic attacks on our educational system, our economy, morality and traditional culture. Ms. Gilliam is a passionate advocate of capitalism and democracy having lived under a much different form of government. Come and hear June give new insights on the scourge of Communism-she lived it and knows its dangers.

Our September meeting was a huge success! Our new President was installed by Claudia Nemir and we had a great presentation by Assemblyman Kevin Kiley who spoke about the gas tax and transparency in government just to name a few topics touched upon.  
Katarina Rains, our new President, installed by Claudia Nemir.
Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, our September speaker
Conversations and cuisine!! Crow Canyon always serves delicious food!