The San Ramon Valley Republican Women Federated

Crow Canyon Country Club
711 Silver Lake Drive
Danville, California
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Social 11:30 pm; lunch and speaker at noon
$27* per person

Please RSVP by Thursday, February 19 to or call 925-820-0774

Lunch -$27
Proudly presents
From left to right: Assemblywoman Catharine Baker; Roxanne Lindsay: Recording Secretary; Dee Thompson: co-VP Ways and Means; Liz Summer: co-VP Ways and Means; Mary Zellhart: VP Membership and Erica Starkey: President. 
On December 17 our Club, along with members of the community and local officials, again participated in the annual WAA Wreath laying day at Alamo Cemetery. 
Stephen and Thomas Mundy played the bagpipes for the ceremony.
Roxanne Lindsay, WAA Chair with Karen Stepper and Danville Mayor Renee Morgan.
Debbie Bacigalupi is a 6th generation Californian and is currently a cattle rancher in Northern California. She is a tireless fighter for property rights, water rights and elimination of draconian business regulations. As she has written, “California was once the world’s fifth largest economy. In just a few years we’ve dropped to ninth, losing businesses and jobs along the way.” Debbie is passionate about the need to have strong leadership in Sacramento to stem the tide of overregulation that is strangling the business community. As a businesswoman, Debbie understands the need for fiscal responsibility and is dismayed the way our government shows none at all-which is disastrous to our State’s economy. 
Come and be inspired by Debbie’s passionate presentation on the problems with California and what she feels can be done to get our State back on top. 

*Due to rising costs at Crow Canyon Country Club we have been forced to raise our lunch charge to $30, beginning with the March meeting. This was a hard decision to make but we cannot afford to lose money every month. We trust you will understand.